Icebergs and Hidden Depths and World Changing Forces

It’s been a while since we’ve been here and a lot has happened.

Our previous commentaries were about cryptocurrency, which we were fairly bullish about. Most obviously, in the short term I was wrong about all that.

Part of the reason I was wrong is that finance, especially international finance, is not my area of expertise.

While I have put a great deal of study into digital currencies, I more especially observe trends—cultural trends, historical trends, religious trends—and I employ a generally metaphysical eye to all of these.

This is because it is my confirmed opinion that life is like an iceberg. We see a certain portion of it but most of it is hidden from our view.

When we look at what has caused the shrinkage in the value of cryptocurrencies, the media tells us it is just market forces sorting everything out.

Depth of iceberg

Values can rise or fall when the mass of the population gets the idea that a profit exists which promises a greater return than is usual in the field of investment.

In fact, the media gives us all sorts of reasons for why these currencies are in decline.

Anyone who has been paying attention to what the mass media has to say about anything should know that it is mostly a litany of lies which are generated to protect the status quo and to defend outrageous behavior, like wars, created by central bankers for financial gain.

As Mother Rothschild said many years ago: “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

When you begin to look at the part of the iceberg that is hidden below the surface, you see long entrenched interests.

There are levels below the surface. The first level is what you see as the obvious physical controls and the vehicles that disseminate information.

You also see the religious organizations that orchestrate the particular faiths that articulate the moral frequencies that most people used to adhere to.

The moral controls are generally forms of behavior that many people would agree with.

They aren’t stable, however. They change subtly and incrementally over time and the movement of time is accelerating.

This is easily seen by observing the changes of the last century and the changes of the first part of this century. There is much less time in a day than there used to be.

At the second level are the international banking firms. It is whomever is controlling the money flow because it is always about the money. You’ve heard the term, “follow the money”? Of course you have.

Below this level are the organizations that manifest the symbols that work on the subconsciousness of the population and which control the dream world that most of the population moves through.

If you are observing trends and if you are looking at the changes taking place in society and if you are researching the curriculums that are being employed in the educational systems, then you are aware of the distortions of the historical record that does not in any way reflect what has actually happened.

It reflects the version that the controllers want you to believe has taken place. Perhaps you have heard the phrase, “History is written by the victors”?

Right about now the reader might well be wondering, “where’s he going with this?” — “How come he started out about cryptocurrency and segued into all this conspiracy stuff?” Everything’s connected.

Very often original ideas jump off the yet unwritten page of time and then something happened that consumes the freedom and ingenuity and sometimes the temporary fantasy of whatever it was; like the music culture of the 60s, like the culture that built up around that music.

There are individuals that have sourced what might have taken place in the 60s music culture, and it makes for riveting reading. I don’t know how true any of that is. I don’t know if it’s not true either.

Another event that has absolutely changed life in contemporary America is the 9/11 attacks.

There was a period when a certain amount of the public sensed that what they were being told was not the real story.

Polls were taken. By now, most of those people have gone back to sleep, or don’t care because the TV and news media have mesmerized them into a hypnotic slumber.

Until the last decade of the last century it was very easy to deceive the majority of the public about pretty much anything. Then the internet came along.

It became possible for people to educate themselves if they cared to, but most people don’t care to.

They are much more interested in social media and itemizing the trivia that composes their lives.

Facebook and Google have made great strides in mass brainwashing. With the pandemic of cellphones, millions of people are now transfixed upon tiny screens where absolutely nothing of any relevance or real importance is taking place.

They are blithely unaware of things like the real intent of the U.S. Army’s latest commercials about “Warriors Wanted! Do you have what it takes?” They don’t know what’s coming.

Slowly but surely the main internet, the internet most people use and are aware of, has been taken over by the same forces that have been set on controlling the human mind for a long time.

Today’s Gods are celebrities and not the sort of celebrities that used to entertain with actual talent.

Now people are famous for nothing at all and there are crowds of individuals trying to shove their way in front of a camera; people who are incapable of embarrassment. I think the proper term is clueless.

And when you try to find out the truth about anything you find that Google and Facebook and other massive websites have scrubbed the truth that was once available.

Enter the deep web where it is still possible to find all sorts of things. Then there are sites that go off the deep end.

We were talking about icebergs, and the dark web is the iceberg that is below the surface. In order to get there, you need to use the Tor Browser and you need to have a good and trustworthy VPN.

What you will learn about the deep web from the surface web sites of the internet is not much.

Just about anything you hear on the mass media these days is a lie, and when it is not an outright lie, it is superficial, cloying and smarmy treacle.

You have to take it for granted that most people are never going to figure out what is really going on.

Most people don’t want to know. In many cases they will put their hands over their ears and scream because they do not want to hear it.

One of the major culprits is materialism, and materialism is the actual working philosophy of Satanism, which you can find out by engaging in simple research.

They aren’t shy about this and they freely admit it. Take a look at the world around you these days and ask yourself, what is the prevailing force moving through the slipstreams of our time?

As a result of this comfort-obsessed and money junkie atmosphere prevalent everywhere, people are dumbing down at an alarming rate.

You can go to locations like this and spend weeks, months and never come to the end of the examples.

There’s a phrase that comes from a religious book. I’m not promoting religions; I have no use for them, but I do appreciate spirituality.

I base my life on it and that is because I have seen behind the veils on many occasions and I am convinced of what I know by personal experience.

In any case, the phrase is, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” I think you can see what is coming if your eyes are open.

If they are not, then this will all seem fanciful. There’s nothing fanciful about it. History repeats itself, and a big example of that can be seen in the times before what recorded history we possess; but you can’t see that, can you?

It’s one of the reasons they burned the library at Alexandria, in order to conceal what was known to some many centuries ago.

We are in an apocalypse, and these come around on a regular basis. That is why certain realities are being revealed to those who are paying attention. Apocalypse means, “revealing,” “uncovering.”

To understand why anything happens one need only “follow the money” or ask, “cui bono?” Cryptocurrency may rise again, or it may sink out of sight.

But at the moment, its rise and fall is more a matter of efforts on the part of the central banks, as well as the engines of disinformation influenced by them.

I’ve been taken in by a lot of things over the course of time but finally I got to a place where I could see more clearly than I ever have, and though I can’t really discuss most of what has come to my attention—because words are not equal to the task—I can say that if people don’t wake up, they will be woken up.

When the cosmos first wants to inform you of something and you are sleeping, it gently shakes you on the shoulder. If that doesn’t awaken you, it shakes you harder; and if that doesn’t awaken you, it picks up a two-by-four.

So I can attempt to paint a small picture… when you drive on any street in any town; look at the amount of fast food restaurants and study the ingredients in the food.

Observe the epidemic of obesity and pandemic health problems that are the result of ignorant lifestyles.

Turn on the TV and take a look at the entertainment that is routinely screened; note the culture shaping and morphing that is taking place in the situational presentations and observe the effort being made to portray humanity as a bunch of bumbling clowns.


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