New Tor Project Executive Director

The Tor Project, reputed for developing the most reliable anonymity and privacy tool in the world, has finally landed its next executive director.

Earlier this year Shari Steele, who is the current ED, announced her retirement from Tor. Since then, the Tor Project has been on the hunt for a new executive leader, and as it now seems, the search is over.

In an official statement, Tor Project announced that they have indeed found a new replacement for the post—Isabela Bagueros.

Who is Isabela Bagueros?

Isabela Bagueros is not a new name in the Tor Project as she has been in leadership roles in the organization. She joined Tor back in 2015 as a project manager after a four-year stint having worked for International and Growth at Twitter as a product manager.

Bagueros is vastly-experienced in the free software community having made her debut in the 1990s.

Back in 2007, Bagueros also co-founded and lead North by South, a San Francisco-based startup whose functions center on free software projects. While here, she worked as the project manager for Latin America.

She was also a member of Brazil’s federal free software initiative in 2005 where she was involved with the digital inclusion project in the Brazil Ministry of Communication.

Furthermore, under the same, she was also involved in a project designed to help facilitate the migration of the Brazilian Presidential Palace IT to free software in 2006. Bagueros is due to give a keynote address on May 4 at the CryptoRave conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Bagueros’ Vision for Tor

As aforementioned, Bagueros started working at the Tor Project back in 2015 as a project manager. Through her time in the organization, she has led various teams in building roadmaps and collaborative strategies.

Moreover, she is also the head of the UX Tor team where she spearheads the implementation of significant usability enhancements as well as leading the refurbishment of Tor’s website.

The current executive director, Shari Steele, who is set to pave the way for the incoming ED, was quick to note the significant impact that Bagueros has had on the Tor Project in general. According to her, the contributions Bagueros has made to Tor are innumerable.

According to Steele—who assumed the ED position in 2015 at a time when the organization needed someone to transform it to a more operationally sound firm—Bagueros brings to Tor a new perspective to censorship issues and privacy, as well as an unmatched global experience.

In her statement, she declares of her confidence that her successor can guide the organization into its subsequent sustainability and growth phase.

For Bagueros, she has always worked under the conviction that the user always comes first, and this has been evident during the three years she has worked with Tor. The vision which she has for Tor has grown to incorporate the health of both the network and the organization.

In Tor’s official announcement, Bagueros said she believes that the Tor network should be accessible to virtually everyone in the world so they can enjoy the security and privacy it offers its users. In extension, she further explains that for this to happen, there is a need to have a scalable and healthy network as well as a robust and diverse firm to support such a vision.

Finally, she outlines that she is eager to see Tor gaining the much-needed global recognition for both the censorship circumventions and privacy protections it offers.

Although Bagueros is currently at a transition period, she will officially assume her role as executive director once she appoints a project manager to replace her, as well as getting the full scope of what is required of her for the post.

Steele is set to remain at the helm until her successor successfully transitions, after which she aspires to take up a consulting role. She is expected to join the organization’s Board of Directors at the start of next year.


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